SWOT Galapagos

Strengths - Small local eateries, good food, good prices and friendly locals. - Street cleaning every morning is a definitive positive - limiting the use of disposable plastic bags and cups - local attitude towards conservation, respecting wildlife, and the environment - municipal garbage bins and collection service - University Campus and research oppurtunities - students involved in the community setting up activities for local kids at the beach

Weaknesses - some certified guides are not well informed or at least don't present with a passion for their industry, and they have a monopoly on the jobs, maybe allowing complacency. Competition breeds better service - lack of signs leading to la loberia, - garbage still finds its way into the streets despite municipal bins and collection services - Too many cheap gift shops with Chinese shirts (i love boobies) - Using the USD currency causes vacationing in the galapagos to be more expensive than other south american destinations

Opportunities - consider implementing a street with local eateries and fresh seafood options, such as that in Puerto Ayora night kayaking in the bay with clear kayaks and LED lights - other late afternoon or early evening low cost adventures - sell locally made, artisanal bags for use as reusable grocery bags and carry alls, and reusable water bottles - low impact short run taxis such as tuk tuks - local music and food festivals in town such as "lobster fest" and other entertainment attractions - allow kiteboarding, and san cristobal will be seen as a worldclass kitesurfing destination as well as surfing destination - mountain biking trails - Galapagos triathalon or road race. Each year more eco-tourists are searching for new places to explore an active lifestyle in a Vacation destination. This could range from a 5K to a marathon. - Advertisement campaign promoting ecotourism directed at younger travelers from throughout the world

Threats - cheap tourist t shirt shops, unregulated hotels and tour businesses - Overtourism? True or misperception? There are plenty of regulations and enforcement to protect the environment and allow more tourism - Climate Change

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