Galapagos Islands vacations

1. Energy

On one of my day trips in San Cristobal, I realized how many cars are driving the same way with only one person in it. Also the Taxi Drivers would leave their motors running to be using the air condition. There is also a big number of boats using oil and gasoline and I saw generators as well. At the same time I realized how much sun there is as well as wind. I only saw a small windpark and no solar panels at all.

For further development there could be buses or a small train, run on solar and wind energy, connecting tourist sites. This could be more expensive, for example 5-10 dollars for one stop as taxi money would be saved.

Until then there should be collectivos or buses running the tourist sites, in order to decrease the amount of vehicles.

Engine run boats, could be in the future replaced by solar run boats.

Considering energy reduction, buildings in the future should be constructed in a way that allows air to run through the rooms with outside air fans, in order to replace air-conditioning. With the wind at night air-conditioning is not necessary.

2. Wild life/nature protection

I did see some trash along my walks and I also realized that all the sites that included animal watching were unwatched. For a small entrance fee there could be guides, that make sure people don’t get to close to the animals and also don’t litter. There also should be a fine for throwing trash.

If there were more trashcans with lids, I am sure more people would pick up trash and put it in there. Also Hotels should put up cans for organic, plastic as well as waste. Those trash cans should be on sights and on the roadside as well to increase trash separation.

Plastic bags should be banned and replaced with reusable bags people buy in the store, food can be wrapped in recycled paper bags.

Small plastic bottles should as well be prohibited. Only gallons as well as reusable bottles should be sold. There could be refill stations where people can refill their bottles for small amounts of money.

Meat and Fish

I realized that all restaurants sell tuna for little money. I am sure the tuna fishing is a problem here as well as in other parts of the world. Fishermen could by trained by volunteers, for instance marine biology students, on sustainable fishing and only sustainable fish could be sold. The selling of tuna should be prohibited or at least dramatically decreased. On the same hand there is meat especially beef sold for very little money. I am not sure if it is all imported which is a problem considering cool chains or if there are cows on the islands which would lead to deforestation. More awareness towards meat and fish consumption should be created. On the same hand volunteers for instant nutrition students from the mainland could present more vegetarian options in order to decrease meat consumption, which would not only be beneficial to the nature but also to the health of the people. At this moment meat free food hardly exists at all.

In order to implement any of the above, cooperation with national and international universities can be made and volunteers, I am sure there are many interested, could help to develop them.


Thursday April 7th

I went to la Loberia:

I saw sea lions, Iguanas and from the cliffs turtles. I hiked back to the cliffs behind the beach. I liked how well kept the beach was and I am glad there are no buildings or constrictions. I hope it will stay that way.

Friday April 8th

I went to el junco where I hiked around the lake and enjoyed the view from the mountains. Also I got a good image of the wild turkeys.

Afterwards I went to the turtle center. I enjoyed seeing the turtles in their environment, but I thought it might be beneficial if there where guides, who made sure nobody was touching the turtles or getting to close to them. I am sure a small entrance fee would be ok for everybody.

All these sights together with playa el Chino should be connected by bus, train or collectivos in order to decrease the number of cars.

Saturday April

I went diving to Leon Dormido and stopped at the beautiful Beach nearby. We were explained to not get into the nesting side of the animal, which I really appreciated. During the dive I got to see a lot of underwater turtles, which is rare at other places, because unfortunately turtles are still being eaten in many places. There was a big variety of fish and hammerhead sharks, which is also very difficult to see at other diving sides.

All together I was impressed with the wild and especially the marine life I saw. I think it is on the whole world to save this and each person needs to take part in this. We all need to not eat certain type of fish and sea life and dramatically decrease the use of plastic. Only this way we can help marine life to redevelop also in other places and protect the life at Galapagos.

I was a little bit shocked by the amount of cars and cruise ships, which are very bad for the environment. I have high hopes that those ships might be banned in Galapagos in the future and there will be solutions and replacements for the cars. At the same time I hope there will be less cats and dogs as well as other animals that are not endemic on Galapagos.

I really enjoyed my stay and it was an extraordinary experience, but I believe a lot need to be done to keep it that way for the future generations.

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