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After being born, everything started with a cry, are indispensable seconds to live, then I was fortunate to have a mother who in seconds embraces me and a family that has given me enough love at any time. At this stage I would not know the need to learn, discover and know everything that surrounded especially in a very strange place, mysterious and little known species.

That place was going to be home of my adventures, some call it Enchanted Islands and in the books of geography they call it the Galapagos Islands, where pirates, whalers, prisoners, landowners, and even the US military base lived in World War II, Without forgetting Charles Darwin, who was inspired by the Islands to create the most controversial theory in the world '' The evolution of species ''.

My childhood and my life are in the Galapagos Islands, home to stories, adventures and memories, luckily I hardly remember my first steps on a beautiful beach of San Cristobal Island, those days were so sunny, I ended up bathing with sea lions, I was very scared because they were bigger than me and I thought they were going to eat me. Undoubtedly living a childhood full of nature, makes you feel free. When I grow up, I venture on volcanic stones, you have to stand firm or you can fall because they are unstable, one day I almost crushed a marine iguana, they are very cunning to hide in the stones, I start to be more careful. I would have wanted to learn to swim in a pool, but in the Sleeping Lion about 150 meters deep with sharks, sea lions and turtles around, anyone learns fast.

My grandfather Manuel Andrade was a tractor driver, a person committed to his work, took me to different places on the island of San Cristóbal, with his colleagues they built the roads of the town of Progreso, and even the San Cristobal Island Airport, but I was struck by Cerro Quemado, there were pools of Water where the flamingos were fed, once asked Why Cerro Quemado? According to the fable said that there were pirates who were frightened to see fire coming from the hill at dusk, possibly have been confused with the flamingos. Sand is still being extracted from Cerro, where birds, plants and even endemic species inhabit. Sometimes I remember it, and I'm sorry to know that at least that place existed. Many things have changed in Galápagos, on the night of January 13, 2001, a fuel spill in the Bay of San Cristóbal Island of approximately 300 tons by tanker Jessica. A fact that is priceless, taking the lives of thousands of animals affected by the spill.

Now I feel more committed to the Galapagos Islands, so I have decided to venture into finding ways to generate a positive impact on society and the environment. Currently the Humboldt marine current is the means of transport of a well-known resource "Garbage". Tons of garbage are collected every year due to this natural phenomenon. The solution is to take measures to remedy the environmental damage. It is time to create a relationship with society and nature, for this reason I created iGalapagos Islands.

I am Manuel Andrade and I invite you to be part of this ambitious project iGalapagos Islands. Share it!

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