Protection and restoration of Playa los Marinos on San Cristobal Island - Galapagos.

The Galapagos Islands are known for their biodiversity, history and important events that have made a great difference in the world, from my point of view, have generated a world-wide perspective, on scientific discoveries and theories made within the enchanted islands . As for the socio-economic development of Galapagos, different measures have been presented: Social and ecological, seeking to protect the environment in conjunction with the human being, and to restore the areas violated by the demand for basic services. Of course, all development has its positive and negative impact, but I consider it an opportunity, to share a problem and seek the solution, with the encouragement and support of all of you. I have lived in Galapagos for a long time, about 25 years, fortunately, I still remember those waves and landscapes that undoubtedly differs from anywhere in the world, but surely, you would not imagine the sound of animals singing one morning; And even do sport on the beach; I was lucky enough to have been raised in the Galapagos Islands. When I was a little boy I remember that with my friends, we inflated a bundle of tires and played like pirates, of course when you are small, you are scared by sea lions, and even marine iguanas, or blue-footed boobies; In Galapagos there are many species around you, that manage to frighten you or to surprise you with ease; But there is a place called Playa de los Marinos, a place that became famous, because many of us learned to swim in that place, and even made sand castles; My grandfather told me that on the beach there were celebrations of the San Cristóbal Canton, where the town met and enjoyed in front of the Marinos beach, and even my father tells me that in the old days they only enjoyed that beach, they went out to play, Or bathed with the animals you found, have certainly not changed, but now there is less space than before, San Cristobal has developed as a society, with new infrastructure and a population that seeks to grow in a balanced way with the environment. Unfortunately this place has been occupied by tourist boats, fishing and of materials or substances dangerous for the environment and even for the children who bathe in that beach; Without a doubt, tourism in Galapagos has increased, and the need to improve the service of the boats, make them use the Playa de los Marinos to make the necessary repairs to their boats, and even stranded boats that have not been used Years and that at first glance is inappropriate, filled with ships and there is less and less space for foreigners and the local population. Therefore, I understand the need to implement a specialized site and with the necessary infrastructure to avoid the exploitation and pollution of this beach, which affects the biodiversity, local population and tourism in the San Cristóbal Island, so as a solution to this Problem, I propose the following: 1.-Collect signatures that will raise awareness at international level about the importance of precautioning the ecosystem in Galapagos, involving foreigners and the local community, where preventive and mitigation measures will be taken. 2.- Request the Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador to reactivate tourism to Playa de los Marinos, which will encourage local tourism, and likewise demonstrate that the community can care for a fragile ecosystem. 3.- Submit a request to the Ecuadorian Navy, Galapagos Special Regime Governing Council and the Mayor of San Cristóbal, to adapt a special site for boats, without being affected by distance or high costs. (As a proposal, theycan use the facilities of the Navy of Ecuador or Pedregal). 4.-Request the Galapagos National Park to carry out an exhaustive study of the pollution in Playa de los Marinos, and present solutions that allow mitigation of damage, in execution and after the execution. 5.-Request the Attorney General's Office, the transfer of a boat detained by investigations, which have left stranded on the beach of the Marines. 6.-Request the Ministry of the Environment greater care, control and prevention by public and private agencies, when carrying out activities that affect the ecosystem and society. 7.- All your recommendations and observations are welcome

This effort is to ensure the fulfillment of social and ecological needs in Galapagos, seeking the necessary assistance from public entities, international organizations, social activists or individuals, who are interested in protecting and contributing to this social reason; Unfortunately the beach of Los Marinos will not be the same as before, we hope that the effort of each person to share and sign this request will facilitate with the solution of this problem.

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