COVID-19: Request for international humanitarian aid for Ecuador

Ecuador and the world are currently facing covid-19 or #coronavirus, this public calamity is causing the contagion and death of thousands of people, bringing with it the misery, hunger, and chaos that grips human needs. To this, the drama is added of many families living in the province of Guayas, which has more deaths from Covid-19 than entire countries, they are fighting against the clock to face this disease and provide a decent burial to those who failed to survive.

Unfortunately not everyone runs with the same luck of having: food, medicine, respirators, medical attention, biosafety equipment and in the worst case, a coffin. The Ecuadorian State health system is collapsed, there are not enough economic resources that can guarantee the health of infected people, and the lack of tools for our doctors makes Ecuador a vulnerable country with high levels of infection and mortality in Latin America.

As an Ecuadorian, indignant at this situation and before the lack of leadership of the authorities that head this Country, I make this request before the international community, so that they provide all possible humanitarian aid, and thus face this reality that affects all human beings, especially Ecuador.


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